Accessing money to boost your business should be as simple as making a phone call.

Providing Small Businesses access to safe and affordable funding & investment so they can truly flourish. So people everywhere can live better lives…

The Krypia Mission

An easy & inclusive financial platform that empowers millions of people.

Providing Small Businesses with quick access to safe and affordable funding & investment so they can truly flourish and improve their lives.

Easy access to money to boost SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) should be as simple & uncomplicated as making a phone call. Regardless of how big or small your business is.


1.2 Million

SMEs in Zambia

The country has nearly 1.2 Million Small Medium Enterprises business that account for 70% of Zambia’s GDP and 88% of the employment


97% of Zambian Businesses are SMEs

The expansion of SMEs has great potential/promise in curbing unemployment and providing millions of formal jobs.

6 Million

People in Employment

There are around 6 million people having jobs in Zambia.

4.7 Million

Employed by SMEs

Out of 6 Million people having employment in Zambia, approximately 4.7 million of them informally employed by SME’s.

Krypia is for everyone

A Voice to unheard businesses

Krypia funds are accessible to every small business owner in need of monetary assistance to expand their business.

15% interest on Loans

With only 15% interest on short-term business loans, we facilitate SME growth and enable you to maximize profits, increase job opportunities in your comunity and positively impact many lives.

Digital Inclusion

You do not need a bank account to access Krypia funding. The Krypia funds are accessible to anyone owning a small business with an entry-level smartphone and a mobile money account. Once approved, Krypia funding is quickly and easily dispensed, no matter where you are.

Student Businesses

Krypia enables the creation of greatness by investing funds in student-owned ventures. We empower innovative student entrepreneurs with both funds and the right entrepreneurial skills – enabling them to do and be more!

We are building a new wave of African Entrepreneurs!

Be a part of our vision for Zambia; an entrepreneurial hub where you can follow your dreams to fruition. A place where you can live your lives to the fullest and truly thrive.

“We believe SMEs are the pillars that support every country’s economy. Creating opportunities for SMEs and supporting small businesses to greatness is at the very heart of what Krypia hopes to achieve.”


Coupled with funding, Krypia provides SME owners with state of the art entrepreneurial methods to maximize profits and to expand their markets across boarders.” – Susan, Fashion Designer