empowering you

Krypia is a financial platform that is empowering SMEs by investing funds into their small businesses to help them scale up in the shortest time possible while equipping them with entrepreneurial expertise to expand their market reach. We provide provide funding in form of Short-Term Loans and Equity Acquisition coupled with continued entrepreneurial support/training for millions of SMEs that are seeking to expand their businesses, provide job opportunities, and positively impact their communities.

An easy & inclusive SME funding platform that empowers millions of people.

With a staggering 75% individuals unbanked in Africa and the majority of small and medium enterprises being unbanked and lacking access to formal finance, our vision is to be an inclusive safe-net that provides funding for businesses as well as digital banking services for millions of unbanked/underserved people – facilitating easy, safe & quick movement of money between SMEs and their customers.

Tailored for the African SME, we aim to be the perfect balance between modern technology & African methods of finance. Our ideals and values are based on an unfaltering belief in SMEs as being the key instruments for ‘curbing unemployment’ and ‘improving livelihoods for all’. Having access to resources readily available, we endeavor to not only support SMEs financially but also introduce them to modern business practices that enable them to maximize profits, increase job opportunities in their communities, and positively impact many lives.